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24 Feb

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You have the impression that your PC gets slower and slower? SuperEasy Live Defrag helps your hard disk find information faster and cleans the hard disk so that access times are reduced dramatically. The program relieves you of all the work and automatically ensures that no more fragmentation occurs.

Having a cleaned-up hard disk drive means, for example, that applications run faster and the copying of files as well as the opening of photos is accelerated.

SuperEasy Live Defrag cleans up fragmented hard disks automatically and intelligently pauses as soon as other applications need system resources. SuperEasy Live Defrag is easy to use without complex settings. It starts its job automatically, if desired, and relieves you of all the work.

You can customize the defragmentation by using a timer or setting a defragmentation task.

The most important features:
– Fully automatic background monitoring
– SSD hard disk protection
– Weekly statistics
– Timer
– RAID hard disk support
– Removal of disk space gaps
– Support for external USB hard disks
– Accelerated copying and opening of photos

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